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We are Michaelle (pronounced “Michael”) & Jevonne Branch, Health, Mindset & Marriage Mentors!


My wife Michaelle is a Published Author (“The Light Through the Darkness”),  Certified Core Wound Healer™️,  and Owner of Spiritually Elevated Everything LLC. 


My Husband Jevonne is a student of Healing, experienced in the S.E.E. way of Life, my Co-Pilot in Mentoring and in creating our Healed Life & Thriving Marriage!


After going through a heart wrenching trial in our marriage we embarked on our own individual healing journey’s to save ourselves and our marriage. We used the Core Wound Healing™️ modality and it positively changed our life so much so that I (Michaelle) went through training and got certified to teach & mentor others using Core Wound Healing™️ and the 6 Keys to Healing. 


We both knew THIS was our purpose & calling, to share REAL tools on how to heal past traumas/ wounds and retrain the brain in order to S.E.E. from the eyes of one’s Spiritual/Higher Self. Creating a life of simplicity & ease by having a spiritually elevated mindset and turning inward to spiritually unlock the blessings to your Best Life!


When we aren’t sharing the gift of this God given purpose work, we are spending tons of family time, cooking, enjoying our favorite shows, and recording our Podcast (“The Show Up & Show Out Podcast”).


Our mission is to share our testimony, that with God ALL things are POSSIBLE! And allow our experiences to be evidence that ANY test/trial (no matter how messy it seems) can become a testimony of God’s Glory, Grace & Infinite Blessings!


We hope you are ready, because we are excited for you to reclaim your power by starting YOUR Healing Journey in order to live a Healed & Spiritually Elevated Life!


In Love & Light,


Michaelle & Jevonne Branch

Spiritually Elevated Everything LLC


What is a Spiritually Elevated Mindset?

A mindset where Everything in life is looked at from a Spiritual & Elevated point of view. SEEing things from “Spiritual Eyes” which comes from a sacred & healed space that allows your “inner self” to operate at its highest & best.


It's seeing life situations from an elevated space and others for who and what they are - Spiritual beings living an Earthly experience. Flawed & Broken by earthly experiences that have created unconscious wounds. Those wounds then create self-limiting beliefs, pain, trauma, PTSD, and bad habits/decision making in their life.


When we learn to come from a Spiritually Elevated space we naturally give empathy, support, understanding and unconditional Christ-Like love instead of from an Ego Centered & Judgmental point of view. 


Therefore, not allowing others choices to dictate your life negatively. But rather clearly SEEing that the BEST way to change your circumstances and outlook on life is to work on YOU!


Being intentional before making decisions to SEE how your spirit is prompting you to move forward. Learning to quiet the Ego and “hush” selfish wants for the “right now” to receive the guidance & blessings meant for you.

SEEing and understanding that we FIRST are spiritual beings- children of God and He  KNOWS what is best for each of us.


Allowing God to guide your life by having Faith, being Obedient & Surrendering to His will. Then fully committing to a Spiritually Elevated way of life in order to become THE BEST version of yourself while living and experiencing this Earthly Life!


The Lies Inside: Core Wound Healing™️

This Session is for those that wish to identify the wounds that hold them back from being the person they were created and called to be.  Uncovering, identifying and healing past pain, trauma and self-limiting beliefs in a 6 Step Journaling Process to become the best version of themselves.

Offered As:

1:1 Individual or Couples Mentoring

2 Day Intensive Mentoring

(2-3hrs per day based on progress)


Additional Bonuses:

Pre-Mentoring Consultation

"In Your Pocket" Mentoring w/ FREE Voxer App (during 2 days and 2 weeks following)

* Michaelle S. Branch Certified Core Wound Healing™ Guide will lead the Sessions

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“In Your Pocket” Individual/Couples Mentoring

This Session is for those that have busy lives and don’t have the time to sit for a Traditional Phone or ZOOM Mentoring Session, but rather receive a more versatile Mentoring experience.

“In Your Pocket” Mentoring to the rescue using the FREE Voxer App!


You choose a Daily (1,2, or 3 Days), Weekly (1,2, or 3 Weeks) or Monthly  (1,2, or 3 Months) Mentoring Plan utilizing the FREE Voxer Audio/Text Service where you will then experience “In Your Pocket” Mentoring during a specific time period daily that is mutually agreed to prior to the start of your Voxer Mentoring Sessions.


It’s a great way to get personalized Mentoring that aligns with your personal development/relationship needs while not interrupting your busy Home/Work Life! “In Your Pocket” Mentoring also provides the additional benefit of being able to go back and re-read and/or listen to Mentoring messages when you need Reminders, Support, and Motivation!


Offered As: 

Daily, Weekly or Monthly “In Your Pocket” Coaching using the FREE Voxer Audio/Text Service.


Additional Bonuses:

Pre-Mentoring Consultation

ZOOM Virtual Call Check Points (Monthly Mentoring Only)

1:1 Free Mentoring Consultation (20 minutes)

This is a 20 minute Free Mentoring Consultation are for those that want to gain clarity of what type of Mentoring they might need. And to determine if S.E.E. Mentoring is the right fit for them in transforming their life through Healing & Spiritually Elevated Mindset.

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